Thursday, May 21, 2009


From the time I pen down this blog, I'd been working as a Safety Officer for a period of 2 years. So far, I'd worked in a shipyard & a manufacturing company. I'd yet worked in a construction company but I looking into it as the proposed salary is very tempting.

The main purpose for setting up this blog is because I really hope to help newbies. I remember the day I received my certificate from MOM, I had a mixture of feelings like, "a new start to a new career" & also "one leg standing in the prison". Well, the negative part is usually from media who jail & fine Safety Officers who make mistakes. Only on the later part, during my days in the shipyard, I learned that you (as a safety officer) are the person who make the difference. Everyone is bound to make mistakes but more importantly, we learned from mistakes. Enuff said, I'll try to include information of all kinds of possible courses which are very beneficial to all personnel who are interested in taking up Safety as a professional. Feel free to feedback, ask questions & I hope gurus out there can help us with it.