Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fire Safety @ Petrol Station

Some Fire Safety video to share, courtesy from Youtube.

Hope that this video created some fire safety awareness. Cheers!!!


  1. Shipyard Safety Assessor Course (Hot Work Certification) is a multi stage process and is one of the longest MOM based courses offered.


    Week 1
    (1) Day 1 to Day 3 Theory at NTUC
    (2) Day 4 - Theory+ Practical at NTUC

    Week 2

    (1) 2 hour practical at Shipyard

    Week 3

    (1)!2 hour written exam

    Following weeks

    (1) After passing exam trainee has to
    participate in 45 practical sessions
    in their shipyard. If they are not
    working in any shipyard they have
    to contact the shipyard.

    (2)The practical sessions must be
    completed within 3 months of
    the exam results release.

  2. It is always a good idea for a WSH Officer to maintain a legal regsister whether employed by a company or self enployed. Being very familiar can only display your passion and commitment and improve credibility. It is surprising how many persons don't bother to learn more than the bare minimum.

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