Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Difference between working in different industries

After working as a Safety Officer for 3 years at 3 different industries, I would like to share on my personal views on the pros & cons of these 3 workplace. Shipyard, Metalworking & Electronic industries.


You will get strong support from your top management in getting safety requirement (getting RA written, getting people to be responsible for first aid, essential safety training) implemented/conducted as required by the legislation. Cooperation from subcontractor can be positive. Mainly on enforcement & inspection.

Be prepared to be working everyday & working at the highest risk working environment. Sun, rain, sweat, dirt, pollutant, they are your best friend. You'll need good physical stamina. Chances of having a critical accident is high.


You might get good support from top management due to OHSAS 18001 &/or moderate accident rate. You might face some glitches when getting employee to do safety requirement. The level of difficulty shall depends on the level of support you received from your top management. Chances of having personal time & 5 Days job schedule is high.

Dust, coolant, high level of first aid cases. Majority from Hand Injury. Plenty of audits to handle. More of paperwork stress. Chances of having a critical accident is moderate.


You might not have a single severe accident even if you have worked there for 5 years! Very low risk & clean working environment. Mainly 5 days schedule.

You will not get sufficient support from top management as Safety is an oblivion issue to them due to extreme low accident rate. In an electronic company, production is top priority to the whole company. So getting employee to participate in Safety requirement is near to but not impossible. Employees will tell you they are very very busy & they have no time for Safety meeting & attend training. You may be sitting in the training room for the whole day with no participant. Even if you report to your top management, little will be done. You will get the feeling of unable to discharge your reasonably responsibility as a Safety Officer.

Currently, I'm facing extreme negative Safety attitude in my current company. I guess this is expected in a Manufacturing Company. I will aim to explore into new industry to gain more understanding on the Best Safety Working Industry to work in ..... but not so soon...