Friday, July 31, 2009

HSE Committee Meeting - What are the requirements?

Under the Workplace Safety & Health (Workplace Safety & Health Committees) Regulations 2008, factories with 50 or more persons (excluding persons who carry out any work which is of a temporary nature & is not ordinarily carried out in the factory) is required to establish a Workplace Safety & Health Committee in the company.

The occupier is responsible to set up this committee & appoint a competent person as a chairman.

The occupier is also responsible to either appoint the WSH officer as the secretary or if no WSH Officer employed, a competent person from the committee shall be appointed.

Committee Members
The committee members shall consist of employees who are representatives of person at work in the factory & of the management of the factory.

Frequency of the meeting
The Meeting shall be conducted not less than once every month. It shall be conducted during working hours.

Matter to be discussed at meeting
Only matters relating to the safety & health of a person at work in the factory shall be discussed.

Functions of the committee meeting
  1. To conduct a general inspection of factory & discussed in the meeting.
  2. To report all findings in the report & rectify the matters before the next meeting.
  3. To conduct inspection of factory after accident or dangerous occurrence.
  4. Assist in organizing safety promotions.

Minutes of the meeting

The minutes of the meeting shall be furnished to the occupier & to all committee members. The minutes shall be kept for a period of 3 years & shall be produced whenever the Commissioner request.

Powers of the WSH Committee

The WSH Committee have the power to do all or any of the following;

  1. Enter, inspect & examine the factory at any reasonable time;
  2. Inspect & examine any machinery, equipment, plant, installations or article in the factory
  3. To inspect on the factory records, certificates, notices & documents kept or required under the Act, including other relevant document and to inspect & examine any of them.
  4. To examine & inquire of the factory or any person at work in that factory as may be necessary to execute its duties.
  5. To access the level of noise, illumination, heat or harmful or hazardous substances in the factory and the exposure levels of person at work.


Anyone who contravenes the regulations shall be fine not exceeding $10,000 for a first offence & not exceeding $20,00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both for 2nd & subsequent offender.


  1. Hi, what are the recommended agendas in the meeting minutes?

  2. Matters to be discussed at meetings

    10. At any meeting of a workplace safety and health committee of a factory, only matters relating to the safety and health of persons at work in the factory shall be discussed.

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