Friday, July 10, 2009

Updates - New requirements for Metalworking Safety Orientation Course (MSOC)

Attention to all RSOs who are working in the Metalworking Industry. I'd just attending the Metalworking Industry Briefing this afternoon at HDB Hub & was informed that there will be some critical changes to the current training certification for workers in Metalworking Industry. It will be most beneficial that we, as a Safety Professionals know these new guidelines well & are able to brief our management accurately.

Current Requirement till 30 Sep 2009
Workers performing manual labour relating to the manufacturing of basic metals, fabricated metal products, machinery/ equipment, as well as electrical machinery and apparatus are required to attend and pass the Metalworking Safety Orientation Course (MSOC) to ensure that they attain key knowledge on working safely. Employers are also expected to have their workers re-certified in MSOC every three years.

Effective from 1st Oct 2009

(a) Issuance of Work Permits

New foreign workers are required to attend the MSOC and sit for the test within 14 calendar days of arrival in Singapore before applying for the issuance of their work permit. Workers are required to pass the MSOC within 3 months of their arrival in Singapore or their work permits will be revoked.

(b) Renewal of Work Permits

The remaining validity period of the MSOC certificate must be more than a month at the point of work permit renewal.

(c) Re-certification of MSOC

Workers can sit for a re-certification test without attending the MSOC again. If they fail the test on the first try, they will need to attend MSOC and pass a re-test. - For the first 6 years of employment in the metalworking industry, workers are required to pass the MSOC test every 2 years. - For workers who have worked 6 years or more, they are required to pass the test every 4 years.

I'd extracted all these information form the WSHC website. Shall you need to know more about this new requirements, please feel free to click HERE to view the Guide on the new requirements for Metalworking Safety Orientation Course.

Don't be complacent, Work Safe