Thursday, October 22, 2009

Working Safely with Electrical Equipment - WSH Bulletin

21 Oct 09

Electricity is part and parcel of our daily lives, but it can cause significant danger or harm if mishandled. Accidents can be caused by electrical hazards such as defective equipment, damaged electrical cords, exposed wires, overloaded circuits and wet conditions. It is therefore important for all staff working at or near electrical equipment to understand basic electrical safety and adopt the necessary precautionary measures.

The factsheet on electrical safety provides recommendations on precautionary measures for working safely with electrical equipment. The following case studies illustrating the dangers of working with electrical equipment are highlighted in the factsheet.

Case study 1: A worker received a fatal electric shock while attempting to operate an electric stirrer at a construction worksite.

Case study 2: A worker received a fatal electric shock while carrying out arc welding work on a metal structure in a factory.


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