Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drop in Workplace Injuries & Occupational Diseases - WSH Bulletin

22 Mar 2010

2009 WSH Statistics Report Show Overall Drop in Workplace Injuries and Occupational Diseases

The WSH Council and MOM have announced the 2009 WSH Statistics Report which shows a drop in occupational diseases and workplace injuries reported across the board for 2009. The number of occupational diseases fell by over 45% and the total number of work injuries dropped by 2.1%. This is the first drop in overall work injuries reported since 2006.

The number of fatalities saw a 4.5% increase, and the fatality rate increased from 2.8 deaths per 100,000 persons to 2.9 in 2009. This is the first increase since 2005 and underscores the need to strengthen efforts on preventing workplace fatalities. There was also a 3.3% increase in actual man-days lost due to serious incidents. The traditional sectors like construction and marine sectors accounted for most of the fatalities (63%) in 2009 though new sectors such as hotel and landscape also saw 10 fatalities, up from zero in 2008.

WSH Council Chairman Lee Tzu Yang highlighted that while overall number of work injuries are down, the Council is concerned about the increase in work fatalities. He added that the Council will pay attention to both higher hazard sectors such as construction and marine, as well as less familiar sectors such as hotels and other service activities. As WSH and productivity are closely intertwined, having safer practices and outcomes will also contribute to productivity gains. As such, the WSH Council urged the industry to take a relook at their WSH practices and keep workers safe at work, while driving productivity.

MOM’s Commissioner for WSH Ho Siong Hin added that MOM will focus enforcement checks in areas of concern and urged both employers and employees to do their part to ensure workplace safety.

For the media release and the WSH Report 2009, please click HERE.