Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chef Killed in Oven Explosion

22 Mar 2012

Recently, a gas convection oven exploded in a restaurant when a chef attempted to turn it on. The impact of the explosion resulted in the death of the chef.
Stakeholders involved in similar work environment should undertake control measures such as the following to prevent recurrence:
1. Prior to the start of any work, conduct an adequate risk assessment to identify all hazards and the risks involved. Suitable control measures must be established and followed. For example, before the operation of the oven, if there is smell of gas leak, the gas supply must be turned off immediately. Any ignition sources in the vicinity must be isolated and the area ventilated.
2. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for oven use.
3. A licensed gas service worker (LGSW) must be engaged for any installation or alteration of gas pipes. Similarly, a qualified and competent technician must be engaged for any repair or maintenance work on the oven.
4. Conduct periodic inspection of the gas installation, for example, in looking out for frayed hose, loose connectors or defective valves. Engage competent person to correct any defects found.
All restaurant and kitchen crew must be adequately trained to be competent in their respective jobs, and be aware of the risks involved and safety precautions required.
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