Sunday, September 2, 2012

LLCR – Toppling of Stacked Boom Section in a Crane Maintenance Workshop

17 Aug 2010

On the incident date in June 2007, a group of workers were dismantling a telescopic boom into its individual sections using an overhead travelling crane. After stacking a dismantled boom on top of another boom section, the Crane Operator began to hoist the chain slings away. As the slings were being hoisted away, the stacked boom toppled onto a nearby worker. He succumbed to his injuries.
Summary of Findings
Investigation revealed that the incident occurred primarily due to the negligence of Man (Crane Operator and Worker). The Crane Operator did not do his due diligence to ensure that the chain slings were free from entanglement before hoisting away. The worker should have positioned himself in a safe location, away from the lifting zone.
Management also did not establish the necessary safe work procedure for the stacking of boom sections. All these led to the occurrence of this fatal incident.
For more details and information, click HERE for the Lessons Learnt Case Report where lapses in safety and recommendations have been highlighted to prevent similar accident from happening.
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