Thursday, September 27, 2012

Worker Died After Falling Through Viewing Platform on Board Ship

4 Apr 2012

Recently, a worker was killed when he fell from a viewing platform on board a ship undergoing repair work. At the time of accident, he was tasked to oversee the movement of the ship from the dock. When he was walking on the viewing platform that was made of metal gratings, a section of the gratings gave way. He fell through the opening and landed on the deck about 7.8m below.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the bracket supporting the grating was corroded and gave way under his weight  causing him to fall.
Schematic view of the scene of the accident

Industry stakeholders undertaking similar work activities are advised to consider the following to prevent a recurrence:
1. Conduct proper checks on all sections of the ship where workers are required to work safely;
2. Ensure safety inspections are carried out on the ship’s access and work platforms, railings, ladders and walkways, etc to ensure there are no corrosion or rusted parts before any work activities are allowed to be carried out;
3. Repair or replace corroded parts of the access and work platforms, railings, ladders and walkways, etc before allowing workers to access these areas;
4. Cordon off all unsafe work areas and put up “Danger - No Entry” signs;
5. Put up suitable safety signages at the work location to remind workers of the job hazards;
6. Supervise all work activities to ensure safe work practices are adhered to onsite.

For more information on Workplace Safety and Health, please refer to the following links below:
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