Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lesson Learn Case Report (LLCR) – Collapse of Crane Due to Overloading

13 Jul 2010
In this incident, a mobile crane was deployed to carry out lifting work at a two-storey terrace house. While the Crane Operator was lifting a bag of sand to the designated location at the rear side of the roof, the crane’s Overload Radius Indicator (ORI) alarm sounded. The crane then toppled, and its boom crashed onto the roof of an adjoining house unit. The crane eventually came to rest on its side, with the Crane Operator inside the operator’s cabin. There were no injuries in this incident.
Summary of Findings
Investigations revealed that when the ORI alarm sounded and the cut-off was activated, the Crane Operator by-passed the cut-off by switching off the Automated Moment Limiter. He continued to lower the boom over the roof. This unsafe behaviour led to the collapse of the crane.
For more details and information, click Here for the Lessons Learnt Case Report where lapses in safety and recommendations are highlighted to prevent similar accident from happening.
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