Thursday, September 27, 2012

Safety Advisory – Ice Cream Promoter Trapped in Supermarket Cold Room Incident

24 Nov 2011

In a recent incident, an ice cream promoter was trapped inside the cold room of a supermarket for about 10 minutes when she went in to get more supply. The ice cream promoter was subsequently rescued.


To prevent similar incidents, industry stakeholders with walk-in cold rooms installed on their premises must implement measures such as the following:

• Install an audio alarm system outside of the cold room in addition to the push-button door latch inside the cold room. This acts as a back-up in case the push-button door latch is defective. The button to activate the audio alarm system should also be illuminated;

• Install an independent lighting inside the cold room and the lighting should not be able to be switched off from outside;

• Install the audio alarm with flashing light to the outside of the cold room that will attract the maximum attention. Both the audio alarm system and independent lighting should be provided with a battery backup to ensure operation in case of power failure;

• Display signages beside the door, both inside and outside of the cold room, to indicate how to activate the push-button door latch, audio alarm system and contact numbers in case of emergency;

• Instruct employees/persons in the use of the push-button door latch and audio alarm system as well as the need to inform a supervisor or co-worker before he/she is allowed to enter the cold room;

• Ensure employees/persons are familiar with the location of the push-button door latch; illuminated button of the audio alarm system, lighting switch and emergency telephone. He/she must also be able to activate the push-button door latch from inside the cold room;

• Post a signage at the entrance of the cold room to indicate that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the cold room;

• Install an emergency telephone inside the cold room to allow any person trapped inside the cold room to communicate with the management security office;

• Conduct regular inspections of the push-button door latch, audio alarm system, lighting and emergency telephone to ensure they are in good working condition.

Further Information

1. Workplace Safety and Health Act (Chapter 354A), please click HERE.

2. Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations, please click HERE.

3. Code of Practice on WSH Risk Management, please click HERE.

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